Watch Movement Catalogue

This movement catalogue was the first compilation of all of Roger Dubuis’ movements ever developed.   Special challenges of this project were the following: Correct compilation of product/movement information Lack of visuals and lack of visual identity Lack of clear brand identity Number of stakeholders impacting decision making

Product Sales Manual

This sales manual incorporates the important information of the Roger Dubuis watches and movements, their handling, care and after sales repair details. The manual gives key information to the boutiques and sales agents in the regions.   Special challenges of this manual were the following creating useful

Jewellery Product Catalog

This Jewellery and Watches product catalog features a complete list of jewellery pieces of some of the old and new brand assortment of the Gübelin Jewellery brand.   Special challenges of this project: Compiling a complete overview of jewellery pieces Generating/Shooting the visuals Defining the appropriate structure