The Gübelin Brandbook «Deeply Inspired»

This Brandbook shows you the full spectrum of Christina Fürst’s positioning and strategy work for Gübelin as well as the new visual identity of the brand which was developed in the course of a few weeks in the spring/summer 2015. The book introduces you to the idea of «Deeply Inspired» – the brand positioning and claim developed in the months of September – November 2014. It portrays the idea that true beauty comes from deep within a person’s soul and body. Like with human beings gemstones portray their most precious beauty inside of them.


Special challenges of this project:

  • Bringing to live «deeply inspired» with a clear link to a «brand face» and developing the story line
  • Aligning all influencers and decision makers to agree on the story line
  • Orchestrating the creation of the four different brand worlds and embedding a clear and comprehensible product strategy into them
  • Creating the new visual identity in the course of six weeks including a shooting and the compilation of impactful stock visuals bringing to life the brand’s soul and its values
  • Finding an impactful and creative way to portray the inspiration of the jewellery design (= the shapes of the inclusions that are found deep inside the gemstones)
  • Correct definition and denomination of jewellery pieces as most of this information was not readily available internally
  • Portraying the watch brands in a way that each one of them keeps their unique identity while at the same time not breaking the newly developed visual identity of the Gübelin brand.
  • Developing a cover design, layout, colour coding and chosing the correct paper types and printing techniques together with the team and with the printer in order to portray the highly personal and important nature of this brand book



Brand Strategy, Design, Gübelin, Publishing