Brand Book «The Incredible World of Roger Dubuis»

Development of the first Brand Book for the brand «Roger Dubuis». (Timing Summer 2010: Roger Dubuis had just been acquired by the Richemont Group SA from Portuguese founder Carlos Diaz a year ago.)


Special challenges of this project:

  • Portray the brand with its new positioning «The Incredible World of Roger Dubuis»
  • Develop new visual identity: Create an impactful brand visualization which portrays the stunning movements, the brand’s watch making expertise together with the extroverted Roger Dubuis design.
  • Rework the verbal identity to symbolize the masculine bold spirit of the DNA.
  • Choice of paper, material, and printing techniques for different sections of the brand book and for the design of the cover

Roger Dubuis


Brand Strategy, Creative, Design, Publishing, Roger Dubuis