Juvena Brand Packaging

As part of a new brand expression Juvena had mandated Christina Fürst to completely revise their primary and secondary packaging solution, and revamp their assortment. The brand repositioning included a change of formula on the entire line-up.


Special challenges of this project:

  • Develop appropriate product concepts for the entire Juvena brand, the different age line-ups, and for each product.
  • Coordinate reformulation efforts of entire line-up including consumer testing (attractiveness of new product proposition), compatibility testing (packaging)
  • Creation of new Primary and Secondary Packaging design in line with the new Juvena DNA and design declination in various sizes, types of packaging, and for different types of creams/fluids.
  • Developing packaging and advertising text.
  • Mastering the legal landscape and safety & reulatory of cosmetic approvals (packaging, text)



Brand Strategy, Cosmetics, Creative, Design, Juvena, Product Strategy